Brecken Ridge Golf Course Named the ‘Best in the Country’

This week marks the opening of the Breckeningridge Golf Course, a new 18,000-acre greenbelt project in central North Carolina.The course is located in Hiawathas Pine Swamp, one of the last remaining wilderness areas in the United States.Hiawaas Pine is the only remaining wilderness area in the entire state.As of December, the state had not managed to restore the ecosystem to […]

The most beautiful golf courses in California

A list of the most beautiful courses in the United States has been compiled by golf courses website Golf Course Rankings.They rank golf courses by the number of players they attract, the course’s rating, the amount of money they generate and the number the player has on their roster.The rankings are based on a variety of factors, including the number […]

The next generation of boater safety courses is here!

The next wave of boating safety courses in the United States is finally here.We recently covered the announcement of the International Boating Safety Course Network, a collaboration of a handful of national boating associations that aims to increase the safety of boaters and provide training for those who want to pursue a career in boating.The first of the network’s nine […]

Cascades Golf Course to close for good after 25 years

Cascadas Golf Course in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state will close for the last time this year, with the last of its golfers in attendance expected to come out on Wednesday.Cascades is one of several golf courses in the country that have struggled to keep pace with the growth of golfing, with a majority of courses in Washington state […]

How to spot a private golf course in Pinecrest

By POLITICO Staff • January 10, 2019 09:16:58 It’s not often a golf course has to deal with a hurricane.But when the Category 4 hurricane season hits Florida this week, Pinecres golf course and nearby Lake Okeechobee could be at risk.The city of Pinecretes is bracing for the worst as Hurricane Irma makes landfall, and residents are worried about the […]

What the future holds for Coursera’s flatiron courses

Course developer Courseraproject has confirmed that it will no longer offer courses in Ireland following a dispute with the university.Courseraps courses will no long be offered in Ireland, the company said in a statement to the Irish Times.The announcement came after the Irish Government’s decision to block the company from using the government’s €7.4m grant for the creation of the […]

Which golf courses are worth your time?

Destin Golf Course, Meadowbrook Golf Course and Rancho Mirage Golf Course are among the most expensive golf courses in the United States.The Destin golf course is the most sought-after course in Destin, Florida.Destin and Meadowbro golf courses all feature a massive 18-hole layout with some of the most challenging shots in the world.Destinos Golf Course features two par-5 greens, and […]

When you think golf course and arrows, Maplewood Golf Course is your next stop

Overland golf is a popular course, but you may have to drive an hour or more to get to it. The map below shows the location of the maplewoods golf course in the north-west of Scotland.The map shows the locations of approximately 4,000 acres (2,400 hectares) of woodland.In addition, the maps provide information on many of the local attractions.The golf course sits in a wooded area on […]

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