How to prepare for the ‘Falls Course’ with a guide to Auburn Hills golf course

How to prepare for the ‘Falls Course’ with a guide to Auburn Hills golf course

Auburn Hills Golf Course (AUBURNHILLS) — The Auburn Hills course is a little less than two hours from downtown Seattle and its a little more than two miles from the campus of the University of Washington.

It’s a nice place to get out and play golf and it’s a little bit of a walk to a local watering hole.

You can also enjoy a cup of coffee in the shade, but I’d suggest heading to one of the numerous restaurants and bars on campus.

The food at the Auburn Hills campus is generally good and you’ll be served some decent craft beer.

You won’t find the usual golf course fare on campus and that is a shame, because it’s one of my favorite places to play.

In the fall and winter, Auburn Hills offers a wide range of golf courses from two to 10 holes, depending on what time of year you want to play the game.

There’s a long list of courses and the Auburn golf course has a variety of features to make it a great place to play with your family.

The most important feature of Auburn Hills is its proximity to Seattle, and it provides a great location to meet up with friends.

The golf course offers plenty of amenities, including a waterpark, a clubhouse, and an open-air dining area.

The closest golf course is in the city of Auburn and is located at 618 N. Union St., Auburn.

There are also several golf courses in the Seattle area, like Bellevue Golf Club and the Bellevue Country Club, located just a few miles away.

You’ll find plenty of options to hit a few holes on the golf course in the Emerald City, too.

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