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A golf course in the heart of Brooklyn has been named “The Great Greenhouse”

A golf course in the heart of Brooklyn has been named “The Great Greenhouse”

The “Greenhouse” golf course at Evergreen Golf Course in Brooklyn has become the site of a public memorial service, with people gathered to pay their respects to the man who inspired it.

The dedication ceremony, which was held Sunday, was held at a public meeting, attended by members of the city’s Parks Department and members of Evergreen’s golf club, according to a statement released by the city.

The park was chosen for the memorial service after a number of people commented on the memorial on social media, the statement said.

“This memorial is a reflection of our diverse city, its people, its history, and its future,” the statement read.

“The Greenhouse is a living memorial that honors our past and provides hope for our future.”

The memorial service was hosted by Evergreen Club President Scott Tompkins, who spoke at length about the inspiration for the course, which he has played at since the early 1970s.

“It is with great sadness that I can share with you the history of the Greenhouse, its origins, and the current course design,” Tompkin said in the statement.

“It was created as a tribute to the great man who created it, a man whose name will live forever in our hearts.

Evergreen is a community of neighbors, friends, and neighbors.”

The park’s website has more information about the history and current design.

The site also includes a video of Tompons memorial service.

The “Green House” is located on the city-owned property of the Evergreen golf club.

The golf course is one of the more than 20 golf courses in Brooklyn, and Tompinks club has hosted several events at the site.

Tompkins has said he plans to make the course a “green space” for the community, and in 2017, he opened the first Evergreen Greenhouse on the grounds of the club.

Toxicology reports have not been released on the two men who were found dead on Friday.

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