How to navigate the chalk obstacle courses in New Brunswick

How to navigate the chalk obstacle courses in New Brunswick

A few weeks ago, Rutgers University President Robert Barchi sent an email to the campus community.

In the message, Barchis warning against any kind of chalk vandalism in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Rutgers and the City of Camden agreed to remove all chalk and other similar items from the streets around the campus by the end of October.

But there are some who say the university needs to be more proactive in curbing the vandalism.

That includes a new chalk board that was installed earlier this week.

The chalk board, named The Rutgers Way, is in response to the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew and the storm’s aftermath.

Rutgers’ new chalkboard in Camden, New Jersey. 

“We are going to start with some very basic things and then we’re going to expand the scope of what we are going do,” said Kevin Bunch, a Rutgers spokesperson.

Bunch said Rutgers has been involved in efforts to remove chalk from public places and that the board will be used as a tool to make improvements to the university’s community and on the golf course.

Barchides message was sent out after a storm destroyed several Rutgers courses, including the golf facility at The Ritz-Carlton, which was hit by lightning and then by flooding.

“This is a great opportunity for us to do some things that will make a real difference in how we operate on the course,” Barchieri said.

“I think we need to take a few more steps, especially for the golf courses.

We can make some of those things happen more quickly, but we need a little bit more help to actually take care of our community.”

Barchies message said Rutgers was working to get the boards in place by mid-October, but that they were not the only way to make those improvements.

The new board has four different colors, and students can choose from two colors for their chalkboard.

The board is designed to be permanent, and it will be installed in the golf clubhouse on the campus beginning next week, Bunch added.

It will be available to students for $40, and the university has put up signs along the golf club entrance telling students to come back in a couple of weeks for the boards.

The first board was installed on Wednesday, Burch said. 

A sign posted on the clubhouse entrance of The Riz-Carltons golf course in Camden.

A sign at the entrance to the clubhouse of The Ridgeway Golf Course.

The boards are located in the clubhouse next to the Ritz Carlton and the Riz Carlton and Ridgway Golf Course, which are located next to each other in the same community.

The Ridwigs course is currently closed.

The Rutgers Way has become a rallying cry for the Rutgers community, Batch said.

“It’s a really good thing, really important thing, because it’s a way for us, the community, to show that we are a resilient and resilient community,” he said.

A sign at The Ridjeway Golf Club that was posted on Monday in response.

Batch said the board is meant to help the Rutgers administration “to make sure that they’re doing what they’re supposed to do, and they’re not making decisions about their safety, about the safety of the people around them.” 

“It really makes a statement for our community that we’re still standing together,” he added. 

Batch, who also works for the Newark Police Department, said he was “very surprised” at the response to his message. 

Some of the responses from students on the board include: “I hope they get the board.”

“I’m excited for the day they’ll get it.”

“They’re going in the right direction.”

“What are we going to do about it?

They’re getting rid of it.” 

Rutgers student Emily Skelton posted on Facebook that she felt the boards were a step in the wrong direction.

She said she didn’t think the Rutgers way was working, and she wanted to see something concrete.

Skelton said the Rutgers Way is a sign that she and other students felt that Rutgers was not doing enough to help them cope with the aftermath of the storm.

The Rutgers Way, a public address system installed in 2016.

Rutics community and the Rutgers University community are trying to figure out how to handle the chalk board and other signs that were placed on the club’s clubhouse, which is located in a residential neighborhood in Camden County.

Batch also said the chalkboard will be put on the wall next to a chalk board showing the Rutgers mascot.

Rutgers student Andrew J. Ritchie said he had mixed feelings about the chalkboards. 

I’m not too sure about the signs, but I do feel like they’re a step, Bich said.

He said the first chalkboard he saw showed a large sign saying Rutgers would reopen the school after the storm, which the university had said was not the

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