Why Google is offering online golf courses with real-world driving lessons

Why Google is offering online golf courses with real-world driving lessons

Google is expanding its online golf course platform to offer real-life driving lessons in a new series of courses designed to help drivers get their hands on the new self-driving car technology.

The courses are designed to teach students the basics of driving, and include real-time lessons, driving simulations, and other tools for driving with the new technology.

Google’s “driving safety course” series, which is aimed at helping people learn how to drive in the real world, is the latest addition to the company’s self-learning programs.

The Google Driving Safety Course (DTC) series, launched in February, is designed to prepare drivers for the self-drive vehicles that are coming to market over the next year or two.

The first of these new courses will be launched in the US, but the company is hoping to roll out the entire country by the end of the year.

The DTC courses are meant to be fun and easy, with a focus on driving safety, driving habits, and driving dynamics.

The courses have a goal to teach drivers to drive safely, so they don’t get distracted or fall behind in their lane.

The DTC series is designed for people ages 18 and older.

The self-driven car industry is booming in China and the US with a huge market of more than 7 million people.

Google hopes that by offering self-learned driving lessons, it will help them expand their reach.

In the US alone, the DTC program has grown to more than a million students and has been certified as “highly effective.”

Google says it will begin selling the courses in China in 2019.

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