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How to avoid a hangover after a weekend at hiaWatha golf resort

How to avoid a hangover after a weekend at hiaWatha golf resort

More than half of golfers at the prestigious hiaWesta resort in Wales are in for a headache this weekend.

The resort has become the subject of an outbreak of HIAWatha fever, which is highly contagious and can be deadly.

But a number of the resort’s residents are on a strict no-smoking, no-alcohol diet and have also been given extra medical care in the wake of the outbreak.

There is now a full-blown lockdown on the resort, which was set up in 2009 to cater for the increasing demand for golfers in the UK.

The decision to close the resort came after a large number of golf course staff and guests were found to have contracted the disease.

The Welsh Government has set up a hotline for golf staff and members of the public to report symptoms.

The situation is described as critical but it is not expected to be a full lockdown and people can be allowed back into the golf course.

Mr Fennell said: “The staff and staff at hiyaWesta have done an outstanding job to manage the situation and have been very professional in dealing with this situation.”

It is important that we stay focused on treating the sick and keep people safe.

“He added that the decision to impose the lockdown was a precautionary measure.”

The health and safety of all those affected are paramount and we would like to stress that everyone is welcome back into our golf courses.

“The Health and Safety Executive said there had been no new cases of HiaWathas at the resort this week.

It added that there had not been any new infections.

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