Rutgers golf course set to reopen with water obstacle course

Rutgers golf course set to reopen with water obstacle course

Rutgers University has reopened its Hobbs Aquatic Center after a water obstacle Course that was closed due to Hurricane Sandy passed a major hurdle.

The Hobbs facility, which was closed last month due to Tropical Storm Sandy, will be able to open for the first time on Monday.

The facility, located at Hobbs High School in Hobbs, NJ, is one of several golf courses in the state that were closed due last month’s storm.

The school had to open its doors to students for four weeks.

The Rutgers Aquatic Club is the latest in a long line of facilities to be closed due storm damage to facilities, which are often a combination of golf courses and other outdoor activities.

In recent years, water obstacles have been a popular attraction at some of the state’s more challenging courses, including the Colonial Golf Course in Hanover and the Royal Garden of Eden in Elizabethtown.

The university is planning to open a new course for the next two years.

The water course has been closed since Hurricane Sandy hit the New York City area in October 2012.

The golf course is the second of two courses at the university that have closed in recent years.

In June, the university closed the New Brunswick Golf Course, which had been open for more than a decade.

The campus reopened after it reopened on Sept. 30, 2014, the same day Hurricane Irene struck the Atlantic Coast.

The first Hobbs golf course closed due Hurricane Sandy in May 2015, and the other closed in September 2014.

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