How to avoid getting caught in the snowstorm ahead

How to avoid getting caught in the snowstorm ahead

A storm system is coming into Colorado and New Mexico, and we are expecting a major snowstorm.

The first part of this storm is expected to hit the south-east US in the next week, but it could be as early as Wednesday morning.

The US has experienced record snowfalls in the past few days.

In early January, there were more than 100 inches of snow in many parts of the US, and the US has recorded more than 2.6 trillion tons of snowfall, or one billion tons.

The first major storm of the season has been forecast for Wednesday, with the National Weather Service reporting that it will be a “major snowstorm”.

The National Weather Center has warned of potential flooding, landslides and possible road closures as a result of the snow.

Some parts of Colorado and Arizona have already seen snow accumulation, and a few parts have seen up to 1.5 inches of the white stuff falling, the Weather Channel reports.

However, the snow is expected in parts of Texas and Louisiana, and it could take several days to get the system out of the area.

It is still possible to see some rain in the south and southwest US, but the chances of rain are decreasing, according to NASA.

The forecast also says that the storm system will bring heavy snow to the northeast, with scattered snow showers and blizzards.

Snow and ice are expected to fall in parts, with some areas likely to see more than a foot of snow.

There are no severe weather warnings in effect for the western United States and southern Mexico.

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