When it comes to a golf course in India, the answer is no

When it comes to a golf course in India, the answer is no

The Indian government is planning to build a golf resort on a golf-course-like site in the foothills of the Himalayas, but no one can say whether it will be built in time for the 2022 World Cup, as officials are working on a new project that will include a luxury golf course.

A golf course on the slopes of a mountain range is considered a special form of tourism, as is the possibility of a luxury resort on the same site.

It’s a development that has attracted international attention for years, but the government is still struggling to decide whether to build it.

In June, a government advisory committee recommended against a new golf course, saying it would be too expensive to build, while a second advisory panel agreed.

The government has since revised its position, but not before it had to postpone the resort for nearly a year.

The government’s decision comes after the United States and China announced plans to build luxury resorts on an area of land they bought from the Indian government in 2005 for $1.9 billion.

The U.S. is building a resort in California, and China is also planning to construct a golf club in Tajikistan.

The Trump Organization and Chinese conglomerate Jia Yueting are the owners of the golf resort in India.

The golf resort is a unique form of luxury resort, with luxury accommodations, restaurants and a spa, said Dhananjay Gupta, a spokesman for the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Science.

It has a total of 6,600 rooms and the resort itself has more than 10,000 rooms, Gupta said.

The resort, a resort at a height of 8,700 feet, is planned to be a 6,500-room facility with about 20,000 residents, Gupta told The Associated Press by telephone.

It will include the Taj Mahal Golf Club, a five-hole golf course that was built in 1894.

The project is the first of its kind in India and could have major impacts on tourism, said Vijay Bhaskar, a professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Delhi.

It is a project that could have a major impact on the tourism industry in the country, Bhasker said.

Gupta said the government would be in discussions with the private sector to discuss a resort, and could start construction as early as next year.

India is looking for projects to revitalize the tourism sector, but he said the resort could be a key part of that effort.

The U.K. government has also proposed to build an island resort at the site of the Taj Golf Club.

A U.N. report found that nearly all of the land that will be used for the island resort would be covered by a public domain, and that the Taj and Taj Mahals have been used by tourists for years.

India’s golf resorts are known for being difficult to build and for being inaccessible, but this one will not be any easier, Gupta added.

The golf course would be built on the mountain top, and the surrounding area would be developed.

The Taj Mahalist golf course is currently in the process of developing a brand new resort in Tajika.

The World Golf Association, a governing body for golf, said it has not yet been able to confirm the project’s timing.

The development of a resort along a mountain ridge is considered an unusual use of land, Gupta pointed out.

But, he added, if it were done well, it could have economic benefits.

Guaranteed incomeThe development would be for a guaranteed income.

The resort’s development is contingent on the government providing some amount of guaranteed income to the project, Gupta explained.

The guaranteed income is a subsidy to developers and a guarantee that they will be able to pay rent to the developers for the life of the project.

Guptas said the guaranteed income would not be enough for the project to be built.

It could be enough to build one or two resorts, but they would have to be located in places that would attract tourists, Gupta noted.

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