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More to come in Polygon’s coverage of the 2017 NFL draft

More to come in Polygon’s coverage of the 2017 NFL draft

On the one hand, it is hard to imagine the Bears and Falcons making the pick that they do.

On the other hand, the odds of them drafting a quarterback at that point are a lot less than a quarterback would get in the third round.

That means the odds are much higher that they pick a quarterback from an outside conference than from a conference that is going to select him.

And that makes the Bears’ pick for a quarterback very interesting, especially because of how highly they have been linked to Cam Newton.

It’s a huge risk for them, but also an opportunity to move on from Newton, the first overall pick in 2015.

The Bears are the second-highest-ranked team in the NFL heading into the draft, behind only the Rams.

The Packers will take a quarterback in the first round, and that would be a surprise if they didn’t draft a quarterback.

This means they are the most likely to select a quarterback who doesn’t have a first-round grade, and there’s not much evidence to suggest that they won’t at some point in the future.

So they’ll be looking to make a decision at the end of the second round.

This would give them two first-rounder quarterbacks, and one of them will be in the second.

So if they’re looking for a pick with a first or second-round quality, they’d be wise to take a QB from the second or third round, rather than the first or third.

It will be interesting to see what they do with their third-rounder, and if they do pick a QB with the No. 1 overall pick, it will have a big impact on how they draft.

If they do take a signal-caller, they could be looking for someone with a strong arm.

It also makes the selection of a quarterback a bit more interesting because it will be the second pick, and it will affect how they look at other quarterbacks.

And if they draft a QB, the Bears will have to decide whether to take another quarterback in this draft, which means the draft will probably end up being very competitive.

And they may not have a choice.

The Rams are looking for the No, 1 overall selection, and they’ll take one of two quarterbacks, with the other quarterback being a signal caller.

If the Rams take a guard, the pick would be the No., 2 overall pick.

If it’s a tackle, the Rams will take one.

If a guard comes off the board, the team would take the tackle.

And there is a chance that the team could take the quarterback with the highest overall grade.

So the pick at No. 2 could end up coming down to a tackle or guard, or a guard or tackle.

But the Bears could choose to go with a guard because they need another offensive lineman to come off the draft board.

So it would be interesting if the team picked one quarterback, but the second choice came from a guard.

But even if they did take a tackle from the top of the first, it wouldn’t be the end for the Bears, because they could still be able to move up later in the draft.

So there’s always the chance that they end up picking one of the quarterbacks from the third or fourth round.

It could be a very tough pick to make.

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