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Aussie golfer faces jail after failing to pay $15,000 to $25,000 for courses

Aussie golfer faces jail after failing to pay $15,000 to $25,000 for courses

Posted January 24, 2019 07:23:55 A Perth man faces jail and fines after he failed to pay an estimated $15 million for courses in Perth’s flatiron golf course and flatiron courses.

The Perth Sheriff’s Court heard Scott Brown, 47, from the town of Port Macquarie, had been using the courses for his own personal benefit.

Mr Brown is charged with four counts of failing to maintain a course.

In addition to the court hearing on Thursday, the Perth District Court heard Brown also failed to make regular payments to the City of Perth on a contract he had with the City to manage the courses.

He also failed several court appearances in relation to the breaches.

Mr Brown’s lawyer, Peter Leach, said Brown had been an avid golfer for many years and had been working at the flatiron course for a number of years.

He said he had not been paid any money since he started working for the city, which runs the courses, in 2015.

“Scott has not been involved in any golf course business in his life, he has no golf clubs and he is not a golf instructor,” Mr Leach said.

“He has been working as a taxi driver for years.”

He said his client had been employed at the golf course since 2015 and was a full-time employee.

“We are very sorry for what he has done and we hope he is going to get a fair deal out of this and we have made every effort to resolve it,” Mr Lach said, adding he was happy with the outcome.

“If he is to pay, he is entitled to pay.”

Mr Leach was not available for comment on Thursday.

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