Why Trump has a new slogan for the golf course that’s supposed to be named after him

Why Trump has a new slogan for the golf course that’s supposed to be named after him

Golf course owners and a group of prominent Republican lawmakers are working on a new “Trump for President” campaign slogan, which they hope will help to boost the candidate’s visibility during the general election.

The new slogan, called #TrumpGolf, will be part of a series of campaign rallies on the course.

The campaign hopes it will help Trump “take back” the golf community by providing a “better and more memorable image” of him than the one he’s had so far.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Trump’s longtime golf partner, Tiger Woods, said that the new slogan “isn’t something that I would be comfortable with.”

“It’s just going to make it seem like he’s not the leader that he is,” Woods said.

“It seems like he might be more comfortable with having the logo than with actually being the leader of the country.”

He added that the slogan would help to build trust in the candidate.

Trump has said he has no interest in taking up golf, which he said was the best thing he ever did.

“I don’t play golf,” he said during a January news conference.

“But it’s been a big part of my life.

I love the game.”

Trump has not taken up golf in more than a decade.

In January, Trump announced his intention to retire from the sport.

He had said at the time he would focus on philanthropy and charity.

The Trump Golf Association says the new campaign slogan will be a “major step forward for the campaign.”

The group’s president, Matt Kertz, said the new strategy will “add fuel to the fire” of his campaign.

“The slogan will also help build the credibility and trust of Trump supporters in order to make the case for him being the best candidate for this time of year,” he told NBC News.

Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a letter to Trump on Friday, the group’s co-founder, Bill Pritzker, said he was “deeply disappointed” in Trump’s refusal to participate in the campaign.

The letter said that if Trump did participate in a “Golf for Trump” event, the organization would “support him in all ways we can.”

Pritzkers group has endorsed candidates including Mitt Romney, John McCain, Joe Biden, Joe Lees, and Donald Trump, and has contributed millions to Republicans over the years.

Pritzers foundation has also donated millions to Republican presidential candidates.

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