Washington resort opens its second in Lake Wales

Washington resort opens its second in Lake Wales

Washington’s Mount Vernon, a sprawling golf resort on Lake Wales, has opened its second golf course in less than a month, giving it a capacity of around 2,400.

In what may be the biggest development in the resort’s history, the resort announced it has completed the construction of a 12-hole, par-72 golf course.

The course will be constructed on land owned by Mount Vernon’s former mayor, John Kincaid, who died in 2017.

The course is part of a larger $50 million project, which will be completed by the end of 2021.

It will include a par-71 tee, 18-hole par-70 golf course and a par 64, 6,300-yard par-5 golf course on a 1.6-acre parcel near the golf course’s former clubhouse.

It also includes a golf course at the nearby Mount Vernon Marina, a four-hole golf course near the nearby West Lake Golf Course and a golf club, the Mount Vernon Country Club.

The new golf course is in addition to the six-hole course that was originally slated for construction in 2017 but was postponed after the city’s bankruptcy filing.

It was supposed to open in 2019, but the project was later delayed by a federal judge.

The project includes a par 70 golf course that is on the West Lake golf course property and a nine-hole green at the Westlake Country Club property.

The golf course will replace the current par-74 golf course along the shoreline, and will also have a par 66 course, which is located at the Mount Washington Country Club in the city of Mount Vernon.

The Mount Vernon golf course was the subject of an extensive public process in 2017 and 2018, with the city having to seek public input on a variety of issues.

In 2019, the Washington City Council voted to approve a plan to build the golf club.

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