Which golf course is best for your dog?

Which golf course is best for your dog?

The National Golf Club of the United States (NGCUS) is offering a new guide to help you choose the best of its golf courses for your pooch.

The guide, which was published by the NGCUS’ National Dog Club, focuses on what kinds of activities are best for dogs.

According to the guide, the following activities are generally best for a dog:• Running around outside with toys.• Playing fetch with other dogs.• Being a good watchdog and being gentle with your pooches surroundings.• Walking with a puppy.

The guide also lists activities that might be best for puppies, including:• Play time with the pet.• Snuggling with a family member or companion.• Talking to the dog.

The National Dog Clubs Association (NDCA) told CBS News that the guide is based on research from the American Academy of Dog Behavior.

NDCA’s vice president of research and education, Scott B. Stemming, said the guide’s aim is to help dog owners make the best decisions about dog activity for their dogs. 

“The NGCU guide is an essential part of the NDCBA’s ongoing effort to provide dog owners with information to make a decision about the health and welfare of their pets,” Steming said.

Stemming said the NKCAA’s guidelines and research have been incorporated into the guide.

“We want to encourage dog owners to be as responsible with their pets as possible,” he said.

“That means making sure their dogs are properly socialized, getting their dogs vaccinated, and that they follow a good exercise regimen.”

The guide offers a list of the top 25 dog-friendly golf courses in the U.S. and Canada.

It also highlights the best ways to play with your dog and the types of activities dogs can do with other animals, including play fetch, walking, fetching, chasing, and snuggling.

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