New photos reveal what’s inside the world of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Disney)

New photos reveal what’s inside the world of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Disney)


 Disney’s Pirates, the new film based on the beloved comic books series, has already been a huge success.

And while we’re not here to discuss the quality of the film’s visuals or its cast, we have a lot of cool stuff to share about this film’s world.

For example, we can tell you that we’ve been getting a lot more excited about the movie’s first half, which we’ll talk about in this week’s episode.

Also, we’re also excited about our first look at the new Pirates trailer, which you can see below.

It’s a gorgeous trailer, and one of the things we love about this movie is that it gives you a lot to talk about when you’re watching it.

So let’s get right into it.1.

The Magic Kingdom’s Pirates Pirates of the Sea (the first half of the movie) The first half Captain Jack Sparrow and crew (including Barbossa) travel to the Great White Way, a magical island paradise, and meet the pirate crew of Captain Cook, which includes the mysterious pirate captain Captain Bligh (played by Chris Hemsworth).

The crew then sails the Caribbean Sea and goes to meet the crew of a ship called the Cursed Corsair (played, in part, by James Cromwell).

Captain Bligh, Captain Cook and their crew embark on a journey to the Black Pearls, a mysterious island populated by magic and pirates.

They’re greeted by Captain Cook’s wife (Charlotte Rampling), her son (Sean Penn) and their two friends, who are all on a quest to find the pearl, a treasure rumored to be the only one in the world.2.

Pirate Captains A few days later, the crew sets sail to the Cursed Coral, where they encounter the Captain of the Cursed Pirate (played Nick Jonas).

This is where things get a little weird.

There’s a small group of pirates on the island who aren’t really all that thrilled about the island’s existence.

“The only thing we’re going to do is take what we’ve seen, the only thing they have, and we’re all going to take it,” one of them says.

That pirate captain is a real-life person named George Washington.


Captain Cook, the Cursed Pirates and Captain Blight (Sean Paisley) When the pirates are about to enter the island, Blight decides to show them around.

And they’re pretty confused about where to go next.

After all, the island is populated by a race of pirates called the BlackPearls, and they have an evil queen named Azula (voiced by Laura Dern).

But Blight also has a plan: to stop the BlackPears’ invasion of the island and reclaim the treasure.


George Washington’s crew of Pirates and Azula’s Queen (Laura Dern) During the pirate captain’s journey, he meets the crew’s Captain Jack Sparrow (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and his crew of the Royal Navy.

Their first encounter is a bit tense, as Blight and the crew have been on the same side of the war for years.

Then, after a long battle, Bligh and his pirate crew get their revenge.


Colonial Wars, the Royal Caribbean’s Secret History While they’re on the Cursed Island, the pirates have an idea: the pirates might be able to find an ancient pirate treasure called the Pearl of Great Power.

This ancient treasure, it seems, is the key to the curse of the Pearl.


Bligh’s crew, Captain Jack and his Royal Navy (Sean Paul) In this last act of adventure, Blighter and his pirates go to the Caribbean to stop a pirate invasion that is threatening the Blackpears.

But what they find is a rather odd-looking castle that was built by an enslaved slave named George and his two crew members, Captain William and Captain George (Michael Rooker and John Stamos).

What they find, however, is not a treasure at all, but a cursed artifact: a powerful magical artifact called the “Pearl of Great Magic.”

The pirates discover the pearl and they are all shocked to learn that it’s a magical weapon, a weapon they are not supposed to possess.


New York, NY and a new ship captain When Bligh is about to attack the Blackpearls with his pirates, he learns that his new ship Captain Jack (Tom Hiddleston) and Captain Anthony (John Boyega) are on a mission to find a magical artifact.

What is it?

Blight wants to use the Pearl for his own purposes, and he needs it to stop Azula from

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