More than 70 golf courses in Chicago open to all ages

More than 70 golf courses in Chicago open to all ages

More than 90 golf courses are opening in Chicago, including some of the city’s most famous courses such as Tanglewood Golf Course, a former home of the Chicago Cubs, and a former site of the famous Chateau Marmont.

The new parks and playgrounds in Chicago’s Inner Loop are among the largest in the nation.

But they are still in their infancy.

The parks opened last year with little fanfare.

They include:• Chateaudun Hills Golf Course: The golf course is home to the world-famous Tiger Woods Club at Chateaux-sur-Mer and will feature the same green that is on the famed Crenshaw-Los Angeles flight paths.• Tiger Woods Golf Course at Lake Michigan: The course will be the home of a new indoor facility and includes a tee area and a practice area.• Rosemont Golf Course Golf Club: This is the site of a newly built tee area, as well as a hole-in-one.• The Club at Lake Shore Drive and the Rosemont Playground: The new indoor golf course features an outdoor play area and will also feature a tee and par-4 hole.• Lake Shore Golf Course and Rosemont Hills Golf Club are the first indoor golf courses to be built in the United States, and they are the only indoor courses in the city.

Chicago has more than 200,000 acres of land in the Inner Loop.

The city also owns the entire former Tiger Woods estate, including courses and other real estate in the area.

The city has also built two new public parks in the past year: the Lake Shore Park Golf Course on Lake Michigan and the Tiger Woods Memorial Golf Course in Rosemont.

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