‘We had a good chat’ with the president of the Tour of Britain

‘We had a good chat’ with the president of the Tour of Britain

David Davies, the president and chief executive of the British Tour of Wales, said he had a “very good” chat with Donald Trump about the course of the course at Gower.

The US president had just visited Gower last month when he met the Welsh president and a number of other guests, including the prime minister, and was told by Mr Davies that he was “going to do well.”

Mr Davies said he and the president spoke “very briefly” and “there were no hard feelings”.

“The president was very impressed by the course,” he said.

“He’s very impressed that he’s got a very good course, a great course.”

There were a lot of golfers at the course, there were a couple of very senior golfers, there’s a couple more of them and I think that the course is a really good course.

“It’s not perfect, it’s not great but it’s a good course and I’m very pleased to be able to say it.”

The president and his wife Melania visited the course during his visit to Wales.

Mr Davies added that he and Mr Trump have a good relationship.

“We had the good chat on the golf course,” Mr Davies said.

“We spoke about how to be a good golfer, how to work, what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis.”

I know he’s very happy about his golf.

He’s very proud of the golf.

“Mr Trump said he visited the golf resort on Tuesday.”

You know I’ve got to say, the last time I was in Gower, I played a great round, a really nice round, which was really nice, I’m proud of it,” he told the Golf Channel.”

This is a very, very good golf course.

I played in it last time and I won.””

It’s very important to me that we continue to have great golf courses, because it’s good for tourism and it’s very, really good for golf.

“The golf course was developed by the Trump Organization and opened in 1997.

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