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What is Westridge Golf Course?

What is Westridge Golf Course?

Westridge is a short, steep and winding golf course located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, just south of the CBD and close to the CBD river.

It is a great short-course with a long distance of 1.5 kilometres, but it is not ideal for golfers due to its steep and challenging course.

The course has been featured on ABC Radio Queensland and has a wide array of golf courses around the state.

It also has a small number of public courses with access to the city and suburbs.

It’s not a good choice for long-distance golfers because of the length and difficulty of the course, and the lack of access to other golf courses.

But there are plenty of other courses in the Brisbane CBD, including a number of short courses and golf courses that are open to all, and are a great option for casual golfers.

A short-term golf course is also popular in the city, with short-to-medium distances of 2 kilometres or less, but with some clubs offering a longer range.

Westridge has been ranked among Australia’s best short-distance courses for 2018, and it’s worth a look if you’re a beginner or intermediate golfer looking for a place to play a short round.

The courses on offer are varied, with some having a wide range of courses and others offering just a short distance.

The best course is the one you see here, but the list is growing.

A list of Westridge courses can be found on the Westridge website.

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