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‘Real estate students’ who can’t afford tuition

‘Real estate students’ who can’t afford tuition

CNN students who struggle to pay for tuition are more likely to get help from a real estate course, according to a study released Tuesday.

The results of the survey conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, showed that students with incomes below $30,000 a year are more than twice as likely to be enrolled in a real property program than students with $100,000 or more.

Among students who could afford to pay full tuition, more than one-third reported having used a real-estate program, including a combination of online courses and in-person sessions, according the study, which was funded by the National Science Foundation.

Students who could not afford tuition also reported more than a decade of working toward a degree.

Among students with at least a bachelor’s degree, nearly one-quarter reported using a real or virtual course, compared to less than one in five with only a high school diploma.

And among students with some college experience, nearly half reported taking a real and virtual course.

“It shows that even though there’s a need for affordable tuition, students are not completely isolated from the real estate market,” said Michael B. Kocher, a professor in the department of economics and public policy at UW-Madison.

Kocher and his colleagues also found that more than 40 percent of students who were not currently enrolled in any other type of degree program used a virtual program, compared with less than 15 percent of those who were currently enrolled.

The virtual courses they took did not require them to meet the minimum number of credits to complete.

Koccher said the study’s findings highlight the importance of providing more affordable tuition to students who are less than able to pay.

He said the UW-Milwaukee study, along with a similar one conducted by Harvard Business School, suggest that students who might otherwise be able to afford a real course, such as a law degree, are likely to have a harder time getting that degree, and that they may not be able use it in a timely fashion.

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