When you think golf course and arrows, Maplewood Golf Course is your next stop

When you think golf course and arrows, Maplewood Golf Course is your next stop

Overland golf is a popular course, but you may have to drive an hour or more to get to it. 

The map below shows the location of the maplewoods golf course in the north-west of Scotland.

The map shows the locations of approximately 4,000 acres (2,400 hectares) of woodland.

In addition, the maps provide information on many of the local attractions.

The golf course sits in a wooded area on the edge of the Scottish Highlands and is known as a featured country club, with many of its courses offering an array of options from traditional sailing and golfing to the occasional paddling and boating. 

This is a short drive from Glasgow and Edinburgh, and can be completed in under an hour. 

Maplewood Golf Club is the second of the three golf courses in Scotland to be restored and is on the agenda for a future review by the Scottish Government. 

“Overland is a lovely place to spend time with family and friends, and it’s a real pleasure to share this opportunity with the community,” said Nicky, managing director of Paddy & Company.

“We are looking forward to the return of Overland Golf Club to the local community.” A visitor possesses a unique opportunity to take part in the natural beauty of the country, which is home to some of Scotland’s most stunning and unique nature scenes. 

In addition to paved paths, trails, and a mountain to ride in, the site is home to a museum and a nature centre. 

Overland golf was opened in the summer of 2017. 

It was a major boost to the Scottish economy, with a record £7.9 million in funding the first time ever, before the club was reopened in October 2019. Its first victory was over a £2 million budget shortfall, and the club has since been running successfully with a budget of £1.2 million. 

Image source: Maples Golf Club Overlanders will return to Overland in a few years time and will be available for entry at a special entry fee. 

Tickets are £12 for adults, £9 for children, or £5 for children under 18. 

For more information, contact [email protected] or visit

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