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How to spot a private golf course in Pinecrest

How to spot a private golf course in Pinecrest

By POLITICO Staff • January 10, 2019 09:16:58 It’s not often a golf course has to deal with a hurricane.

But when the Category 4 hurricane season hits Florida this week, Pinecres golf course and nearby Lake Okeechobee could be at risk.

The city of Pinecretes is bracing for the worst as Hurricane Irma makes landfall, and residents are worried about the safety of their golf course.

“It’s a concern,” Pinecreas City Manager David Gant said.

“We’ve had a lot of flooding in the last two weeks.

And we’re working with the local levee system and other local entities to assess the storm surge and other issues that may impact golf courses.”

Gant said the city is doing everything it can to mitigate the risk.

“We’re in constant communication with the Florida Keys Authority and with local government, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and other partners to assess and mitigate any impacts,” Gant added.

The city has also created a Disaster Preparedness Team that is monitoring the golf course’s status.

The island is also offering free shuttle service between the golf and nearby hotels and resorts.

The golf course will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, with the city also offering $20-per-day parking at the island’s golf course to residents and visitors.

Gant added the city has taken the precautionary step of installing storm water meters along the golf courses course.

The golf course sits just outside the city’s southernmost municipality of Orlando, about two hours away from the airport.

The area has about 3,600 golfers.

Gent said Pinecrets resort is closed until further notice.

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