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A look at the best of Hawaii’s best golf courses

A look at the best of Hawaii’s best golf courses

Golfers in Hawaii have a new destination to hit after the construction of the Great Maui golf course opened in December.

The course, a combination of a golf club and a course-shaped lake, is set to open in early 2019.

“The construction of this new golf course is the culmination of a long-term vision for the state of Hawaii,” Hawaii Golf Association President Bob Stokes said in a statement.

A new golf club at the Great Hawaiian Golf Course in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Photo: Instagram/pavodasphoto The Great Hawaiian golf course will be the state’s second golf course, after the Kahului course opened just outside Waikīkī last year.

There are currently two golf courses in Hawaii: Kahululu and Kahululani.

The Kahululi golf course features an island called Waikikai and golfers can practice in the bay.

However, the Kahulu golf course does not have a water feature and is a more traditional, traditional course.

It has three greens, a par-5, par-8 and par-12 hole.

Kahululu golf Course in Hawaii is a popular course for the locals.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images The Kahulu course is located about 30 kilometres west of the city of Oahu and is situated in the heart of Oʻahu, close to Waikila Bay.

Located about 15 kilometres west from Oahu, Kahulula Golf Course offers an array of courses, including three par-4, par.

6 and par.

8 holes.

Another popular course is Waikilae Golf Course, which offers a par.

4, par.-8, par 5 and par.-10 hole.

Waikilkai Golf Course is about 30km north of Waikipo and is popular for golfers from all around the state.

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