The most beautiful golf courses in California

A list of the most beautiful courses in the United States has been compiled by golf courses website Golf Course Rankings.They rank golf courses by the number of players they attract, the course’s rating, the amount of money they generate and the number the player has on their roster.The rankings are based on a variety of factors, including the number […]

Cascades Golf Course to close for good after 25 years

Cascadas Golf Course in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state will close for the last time this year, with the last of its golfers in attendance expected to come out on Wednesday.Cascades is one of several golf courses in the country that have struggled to keep pace with the growth of golfing, with a majority of courses in Washington state […]

How to learn online courses for free in Germany

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about online courses lately, especially since we discovered that the German government is allowing schools to offer free online courses.We also discovered that, in order to access some courses online, students have to pay a fee to the course provider.This is a bit of a pain, so we figured we’d go over the […]

How to drive a Ford Focus on the iPhone 4S

The Ford Focus is a popular iPhone-powered car in the United States.But how do you drive it?A new app from Apple aims to help with that, but it doesn’t just focus on the car’s driving experience.Instead, it gives users a way to test the Apple TV’s remote control on the front wheel.The app, called Ford Focus Driving Test, lets users […]

How to win a golf course open for the summer?

A new report has shown that you can actually win a course open this summer.In fact, in the United States, open golf courses are open for more than 100 years, according to the National Golf Foundation.The report, titled “Open Golf Course Open for Summer,” by the National Tennis Center Foundation (NTCF), shows that more than 10,000 courses have been opened […]

What is a Great Courses Plus?

What is the definition of a great courses plus?It depends on who you ask.Some golf courses have great amenities, but others don’t have many amenities.How do you know if a golf course is great or not?Here’s what you need to know.What are great courses?Great courses include the following: • Great restaurants • Great bars and restaurants • Good retail outlets […]

How did a single student from the UK and the USA end up in a joint project to design the world’s first high-speed rail train?

A joint project between the University of Warwick and University of Maryland has found a new way to improve the lives of millions of people.The project, called Railways:The Next Generation, uses a range of technology to connect the US and UK’s most congested areas, and is funded by the UK’s Department for Transport and the US Department of Transportation.But its […]

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